Kick-off and status seminar

03./04.05.2017, Frankfurt am Main, Germany

The combined kick-off and “status seminar” to the funding measure “r+Impuls – innovative technologies for resource efficiency – impulses for industrial resource efficiency” was attended by around 60 participants and took place on the afternoon and morning of 3 and 4 May 2017 at “Depot 1899 Wirtshaus” in Frankfurt.

After a greeting by Dr. Löwe (BMBF), Dr. Sartorius (Fraunhofer Institute for Systems and Innovation Research ISI) introduced “r+TeTra” – the transfer and accompanying project to the funding program. Amongst other things, he described the synergy effects that can result from networking.

The afternoon session comprised short presentations by the project teams. These focused mainly on the research goals of new projects, but also described the progress achieved so far in older projects. The first day ended with a poster session that encouraged more in-depth exchange and networking among the teams.

The second day began with a keynote presentation by Dr. Schmidt-Jürgensen (Salzgitter AG), who talked about his own experiences in a research project on “Horizontal strip casting of light weight steel”. This was followed by Prof. Fröhling (Technical University Bergakademie Freiberg), who presented the planned effectiveness analysis in the transfer and accompanying project. The focus here was on clustering projects and discussing them. In the final block of the morning, Dr. Eckartz, Dr. Sartorius and Dr. Ostertag (all Fraunhofer ISI) described the networking potential identified, the planned networking workshops as well as the dissemination potentials for r+Impuls innovations.

Dr. Sartorius finished with a summary of the event and an outlook to the next steps, and Dr. Löwe gave the closing remarks.